Is there an author or editor in the world somewhere, or an English Professor, who would be willing to give this author some sound advice? I am writing my first book over again, for the seventh time and I am really beginning to question my ability as a writer because I can’t seem to make anyone happy with the way I am writing, including myself, now.

I am writing my life’s story which includes Multiple Personalities and no matter how I try to include the events with their parts, I am not getting it right. I am either using too many first persons, or my font is incorrect, or Italic Font is not for use of a person or entity, but to use as emphisis, thought process, or title of another entity.

If anyone has any idea of how I can write my story as it happened, using the Multiples for their part in my life without confusing you as the reader, please share with me! I don’t know where to turn with my books anymore. I have tried a Ghost writer, got ripped off. I tried a Beta reader but she had too much going on to work the project, which is a shame because I liked her idea’s but at this point, I don’t know if she is even alive anymore.

Thank You in advance

KMG Baughman

Our Darling Princess

We had to put our baby to sleep today as she was suffering from a continuous siegure. She saved my husband’s life twice but we couldn’t save her. Our hearts are broken and we will miss her terribly. She served us well and I hope she is rewarded for her service, love, patience and understanding. Her four legged friends are grieving with us and we hope she  knows no matter where she is, she is in our hearts and memories forever.

Rest in Peace our Precious Princess Amber Lynn Punkinbutt Balderston



Season’s End

Wow! It’s hard to believe another Spring and Summer is gone. I still have so much work to do and not enough time to do it in. The rain sort of ruined my plans for yesterday and it looks like Mother Nature has a different plan for me today. All I can say is…”Oh Dear”

I hope life is good for all of you out there, and to my readers and followers, I will have a Novella ready by the end of this year and it will be free to anyone who is following my series.

Have a good day and rest of the week and I will be back later.



Here is a shout out to all the authors and friends that follow me. I am a member of IAN (International Authors Network) and the response I have recieved is AWESOME! So if you are looking for a way to get your name and your material out there? I highly recommend this site, because trust me, your name will get where you want it to be! A HUGE THANKS TO IAN FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Have a good one all.



Welcome to our new and improved home page.

Welcome to our new and improved home page.

Boy, another month gone, just like that. Well I can honestly say it was a productive month. I recvieved my Press Release today, Ya! and we love it. Check it out when you get a chance. Just copy and paste the aabove URL and it will take you right to it.

Have a wonderful Evening!

Trouble with Publishers

Wow! If a publisher makes promises, and your gut is telling you to run as fast as you can, listen to your gut. For the past five years I have had five publishers tell me they will give me the best of both worlds. Slef Publishing and Traditional Publishing and for the past five pubs, it’s all been lies. Unless you get an offer from a Traditional Publisher, I’m telling you now, you are better off to self publish with, Createspace, or on your own webpage and get paid through PayPal.

I have been my biggest fool, but no more. I am sucked into a contract right now and once it’s done, I will use contacts from my editor, or I will self publish through Amazon. I’m done using these fly by night publishing houses that promise the world, then take my husbands hard earned money, and treat me like crap! If you want to know which publishers NOT to use, send me a private message at, and I will be more than happy to give you a list.

My second book is ready and is going to a different publisher called soon, but for now, look for book one (The Multiple Chronicles of 467 + One: I’ve Had Enough! Book One) at, Barnes and Noble, or Green Ivy Publishing. When you get the book, do me a favor and rate it for me Please.

Book Three is almost done and will hopefully be out by the end of the year.

Goodnight America. May tomorrow be as peaceful as today.


Extremely Frustrated

9780983824121_15-99_ean[1]-BC for TRoCHave you ever had one of those days where you want to blurb at the world. Today is one of those days for me. I signed up with a publisher on January 27, 2015. Once they got my money, I became difficult to work with. Then It’s five months and three project managers later when I get an email with an edited manuscript attached from their editor. By the second chapter I knew they edited the wrong manuscript and when I rejected it because this particular manuscript was supposed to be a sample, they wanted to charge me an additional $427.00 for them to edit the correct manuscript. Really? The publisher launched the book, the correct manuscript, on the 24th of June, but failed to have a press release ready at the time of the launch. Now here we are almost two months later and they have blocked me from further communication because I asked to get out of the contract for irreconcilable differences.

If you go to and look up ‘The Multiple Chronicles of 467 + One’, you will see what they consider to be a professional Publication page, and you will see they have two covers in the book.

Anyone who is in the business of writing would probably be just as frustrated as I am. I would love to hear back from others that have issues with their publishers. Maybe it’s just me.