Staying Focused

I trust all Mom’s had a good day yesterday. My day was calm and quiet. I am finding it difficult to stay focused, after fighting a sinus infection for the past two weeks, and by trying to re-write the second book, I’m distracted with thoughts, memories, and family. What does one have to do to get any work done in a day’s time. I have concluded I have to wrtie late at night, when the house is quiet, the street is quiet, and the animals are sleeping. 

I sometimes wonder if I would have been better off to find someone to ghost write my story. When I see articles in the newspaper, online or on the news about how sex offenders are getting off with probation, or killers are being let out on bond, or women condemned because of their captivity, why do I bother to write my story? Does today’s society really give a crap about the women and children that are being abused? Does it matter that these human beings have rights too? Does it matter that what happens to children now, will remain with them for the rest of their lives, possibly even ruin thier lives?

Mom and Dad say I can’t stop writing now. They are telling me that my goal has always been to help one person, and though I know they are right, I feel someitmes it’s a waste of my time because the laws have not changed enough to protect us from this haneous crime. Incest is the worst, rape is second, and the laws protect the perps rather than the victims. What will it take to get those laws changed. It was suggested I start speaking in Universities and public town meetings and going to the govenor. That’s all good and well, but what good will it do if the government won’t change the laws?

I am open to any suggestions anyone might have to get the ball rolling to stop this from happening. I told mom that maybe if men were caturated when they have been found guilty of sex abuse, it would stop the crime, but it won’t. People kill when we have laws to take their lives or put them away for the rest of their life and it doesn’t stop the killing. Sometimes I think the other countries have it right when you mess with a wife or a daughter, you lose your life, or you lose an eye.

I know, I’m rambling. I am so upset that these people get away with this crap! I suffer with daymares and nightmares all the time, but do the perps responsible care about that? Of course they don’t, so what do you do? You move on. There is nothing else you can do. As for me? I listen, I help where I can, if I can, but I am only one of how many on this planet? Who will join me in the fight against abuse? Lets make some noise so someone will listen, or until someone listens! Help me change the way the society sees abuse so that the children of our future, can give us a better future than what they have from us now!

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