Is there an author or editor in the world somewhere, or an English Professor, who would be willing to give this author some sound advice? I am writing my first book over again, for the seventh time and I am really beginning to question my ability as a writer because I can’t seem to make anyone happy with the way I am writing, including myself, now.

I am writing my life’s story which includes Multiple Personalities and no matter how I try to include the events with their parts, I am not getting it right. I am either using too many first persons, or my font is incorrect, or Italic Font is not for use of a person or entity, but to use as emphisis, thought process, or title of another entity.

If anyone has any idea of how I can write my story as it happened, using the Multiples for their part in my life without confusing you as the reader, please share with me! I don’t know where to turn with my books anymore. I have tried a Ghost writer, got ripped off. I tried a Beta reader but she had too much going on to work the project, which is a shame because I liked her idea’s but at this point, I don’t know if she is even alive anymore.

Thank You in advance

KMG Baughman

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