Fifth Edition

Okay everyone, the Fifth Edition for “I’ve Had Enough!” Book One is now available at I hope, if you are being abused or you know someone else is being abused,you will take this journey with me to see there really is justice for the victim, and there is truely blessed people in this big bad world that really do have a heart for the human kind.

I won’t lie, there are some horrible parts in the book, but in order for you to understand what victims go through, you must know the details and those details will give you those ah ha moments. Sometimes I answer questions you will have immediately, and sometimes I tease you a bit, and though some areas are raw, I think you will understand many of the disorders I have and how they happened.

Some of you readers may be able to relate. DO NOT BE AFFRAID TO COME TO ME FOR HELP! I will listen, I will guide and I will not judge! Send me an email or private note if you need, but don’t feel like you are alone, if you are a victim, because as long as I am alive, you will NEVER be alone.

If you do happen to buy the book, make sure you get the book titled “The Multiple Chronicles of 467 + One. It is the only book availabe that is the Fifth Edition, and I hope you will review the book with Amazon when you are finished. If you would like a release date for Book Two, leave your email on the contact us form and I will add you to my list.

Thank You

K.M.G. Baughman

Excerpt from Book One

As I pick Katie up off the ground, looking around, I notice there are no teachers in the front, no teachers on the playground and students are running around everywhere, but no one helps Katie!

Mr. Bardowe looks at the secretary. “Will you call the police?” He has to strain while he tries to get the words out because I have a firm grip around his neck.

ADAM AND I are planning to get married, and I want to go to the hills in Logan County, away from the city, to elope this time since my family will not support my marriage to him for a second time.

. Undoubtedly, I have not heard the end of Dad or Hunter, but I have had enough of their bulls**t and this time I will be ready for them…

Sneak Peek at Book Two

The security officer stares at me, and all the voices.

“She belongs with me, officer. Can I have her back?”

“Uh,” he replies in complete confusion. “No!”

I try to squirm out of the officer’s grip, but he is too strong. I scream. “Let me go, mister, I’ll be good, I promise! Let go! I’m with them!”

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