I love writing my story. I hope I can help other victims of Abuse step away from being a victim and become a survivor as I did. It’s scary, without a doubt, but not imposible. We as victims need to come together to change the way the system handles the abused and the handling of the perpetrators. In just these last eight month’s I have vented about Cops walking around free while awaiting an answer on an appeal after a group of 12 of his own peers found him guilty of Rape while still in uniform and still working, as an example. This has to stop and the only way it stops, is if the victim will fight for their justice. Join me in this fight. If you need the encouragement, I suggest you follow my series I have started writing, I’ve Had Enough!. If I can do this, so can you!

New Beginnings

Hello readers and followers, 

I wanted to send a note letting you know that we have changed hosts for our website from hostmonster.com to bluehost.com and wordpress will eventually have our website but for now we are still with the old site. We hope to make our changes very soon. In the meantime remember that our published books can be found on Amazon.com at the moment both by title and book name and we have our books available in soft cover or ebooks under Kindle.